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General Questions 

The following questions refer to all our services.

Why and when should I visit a healer?

Every individual realises in a unique way that he needs to pay a visit to a healer. Common denominators can be the desire to change and improve mental and emotional health. One may have one or several serious personal issues to be resolved, another may not exactly know or identify “what is wrong” but feels so. There are also individuals who wish to know their true inner-selves more deeply and receive guidance to move forward with their lives. These are just some of the reason one can visit a healer. The reasons are actually as many as the individuals.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions required is different for every individual and depends on various factors, the request or requests of the individual, the individual himself, the individual’s awareness level and his targets. A quite defining factor is the level the individual desires to reach for himself/herself.

How often should I visit my healer?

Research has shown that the most suitable frequency for the sessions is once a week. However this can vary depending on the individual. One may need more frequent sessions while another less. This is usually a joint decision between the healer and the patient.

See below for more information about the homeopathic treatment.

How long does each session last?

Each session lasts about an hour (60 minutes).

Is it possible to have sessions through skype?

Yes, it is actually pretty common to have Skype or telephone sessions in cases when the individual frequently changes places of residence, is sick or constantly moves due to work, with the same effectiveness.

Is it possible for me to be treated with more than one techniques?

Yes, Theta Healing® technique can be excellently combined with other techniques like Homeopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Medicine, Access Bars®, etc. 

Theta Healing® does not replace medical treatment but it can be excellently combined with it.

Theta Healing® does not replace medical treatment but it can be excellently combined with it.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payment is possible in cash, through PayPal, bank deposit and by credit or debit card.

What is the standard procedure required to change my appointment?

Possible change in the time or date of the appointment can be accepted with a 3-day notice, otherwise the full single session fee will be charged. 

Questions about Theta Healing®

Why should I see a Theta Healer®?

You can see a Theta Healing practitioner if you desire to change yourself and your life easily, deeply, permanently and safely. Through Theta Healing® you can try something new and different and experience your true enlightened nature. 

What are the prerequisites to try Theta Healing®?

Theta Healing® is open to all people regardless sex, religion, origin, beliefs, marital status or age. The only prerequisite is the will for change, the willingness to see and think out of the box.

Is Theta Healing® suitable for the treatment of physical conditions?

Theta Healing® is suitable for the management of physical disease and conditions. And this is because it is widely scientifically proven that all diseases have a deeper inner cause which is physically expressed in order for us to become aware of it, take action and resolve it.

How do the changes through a Theta Healing® session become obvious to me?

The changes, physical, mental and emotional become obvious in a unique way for every individual, not only by himself/herself, but also by their surroundings. On a physical level the individual sees improvement and cure. On an inner level the individual realises and notices changes in his/hers character, feels more inner peace and balance, sees that he does not react the same way he used to to stressful situations and people around him/her, his/her fears and insecurities decrease and also detects changes in his/her way of thinking. 

Can I also become a Theta Healing® practitioner and learn the tools of the technique?

Several certified seminars are taught where you can learn the techniques and the tools of Theta Healing®. These can be used on oneself, on his/her family and friends and even professionally. All our Theta Healing® seminars are certified by the THinK® Institution by Vianna Stibal, founder of the Theta Healing® technique.

You can find out more in our Seminar Calendar and of course feel free to contact us for any question or further information. 

Questions about Homeopathic treatment

Do I have to quit smoking and drinking coffee to take up Homeopathy treatment?

No, quitting smoking and coffee are not prerequisites to take up homeopathic treatment, with the exception of some certain cases of heavy conditions and only after a joint decision between the practitioner and the patient.

Can Homeopathy help me quit smoking?

When an individual desires to quit smoking, Homeopathy can be of great assistance and efficiency.

Do I have to quit my medical treatment to take up Homeopathy?

No, under no circumstances should one quit his/her medical treatment to take up homeopathy. They can be excellently combined and only when both the doctor and the Homeopath agree it is wise to reduce or stop the medical treatment it can be done so.

I do not experience any physical condition. Can I still take up Homeopathy?

Yes, Homeopathy is applied in first aid (bruises, wounds, scratches, broken bones, skin eruptions, etc), acute incidents (flu, fever, tonsillitis, any type of infections and inflammations) and also constitutional treatment (chronic treatment which includes the whole of the present and past symptoms). Homeopathic treatment contributes to the stabilisation of the individual and to the reinforcement of the immune system for future prevention.

Is Homeopathy suitable and safe during pregnancy?

Yes, Homeopathy can assist and relieve many symptoms and sensitive conditions of the embryo and the mother during pregnancy safely and without side-effects.

How often should I see my Homeopath?

It is proven that the first sessions should be monthly in order for a therapeutical relationship to be built between the homeopath and the patient. The homeopath also needs to be able to monitor the patient’s progress. In some cases, depending on the health condition of the patient and the symptoms, the sessions may be more often. 

Questions about Access Bars® technique

Is Access Bars® suitable for physical conditions?

Yes, Access Bars® is suitable and safe for the improvement of the general condition of the individual.

Is it true that Access Bars® activates anti-ageing?

Yes, Access Bars® is proven to activate anti-ageing and people who choose it tend to look younger and younger after every session. 

A living proof for this is the founder of the technique, who looks at least 30 years younger!

How many Access Bars® sessions are required to see results?

Every individual is unique. In some cases results become obvious even from the first session. It has been shown that an average number of sessions required is 7 – 10, but this varies.

How can I be taught Access Bars® and its tools?

In the one-day Access Bars® seminar the techniques and tools of the method are taught and certification from the Access Consciousness® Institution is given. You can find more information about our seminars and workshops in our Calendar. For further questions feel more than welcome to contact us through our communication page.

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