General Data Protection Regulation – (GDPR) Policy

  1. The present Policy about General Data Protection Regulation, in compliance with the Regulation of (EU) 2016/679 of European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals against the treatment of data of personal character and on the free circulation of this data, describes the frame in which this websites’ users’ data are collected, maintained and used.As personal datum each information that concerns every identified individual (“subject of data”) is comprehended, as are full name, electronic address, Tax Ref No etc. An identified individual is any individual whose identity can be ascertained, directly or indirectly, considering the above mentioned elements of identity, as name, number of identity, place of residence, address IR, e-mail, telephone etc) or in one or more factors that appertain in his bodily, physiologic, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.I invite you to carefully read this General Data Protection Regulation Policy, which describes the above mentioned frame of treatment of personal data:

    1. Legal Base of collection of personal data

    The legal base of collection of data, as it is analytically exposed in paragraph 2 of present political protection of personal data, is the consent and the conformity in legal obligation.

    2. Way of collection of personal data and aim of use

    It is possible Personal Data that you provide the healer to be collected, which can include elements which consist direct identifications of yours, such as name, surname, place of residence, electronic post address and telephone number. This data, could be probably collected and used aiming at your benefit to receive services after your demand, and more specifically after your registration in the platform of informative bulletins (“newsletters”) or in the event that you send a message via the platform of communication of the website, with the exclusive aim of communication between the healer and you, when this is rendered essential base on concrete conditions. More specifically:

    A.       Registration for receiving Informative Bulletin/Newsletter

    If you select to register for receiving Informative Bulletin/Newsletter, recording and use of your e-mail with the exclusive aim the Informative Bulletin/Newsletter to be sent to you, which can concern the conduct of events, organisation of seminars and/or current articles. The mission of Informative Bulletin/Newsletter is not personal and confidential correspondence but constitutes informative campaign. If at any time you want to cancel your registration for mission of Informative Bulletin/Newsletter and to be erased from the relative list of electronic addresses/mailing list created, or to actualise your personal elements, you can send an e-mail to the address:, so that you ask your deletion from the relative list or the change of your recorded personal elements. You also have the possibility every time where you receive the Informative Bulletin/your Newsletter to your e-mail, to select the command “unsubscribe” and cancel your subscription, following the relative directions.

    B.        In the event mission of message via the communication forms

    The completion of communication forms to send a message provided in the website involves the collection of personal data, only after explicit positive action of the website’s user, who selects this particular way of communication with the healer. This form of communication does not consist the exclusive choice of communication available to the user/visitor of the website with the healer, as other ways of communication, which can be used alternatively, are clearly mentioned in the website. The healer processes the data submitted by the user in the form of communication, only for his/her own exclusive use and for the communication with the sender of each message, without these elements being mentioned to any third party. The healer collects and processes the data the user submits in the communication form, exclusively for internal use and under the observation of professional secrecy.

    C.      Conformity to legal obligation

    The personal data that with your consent you have probably granted to the healer are used to fulfil legal obligation, i.e. that of publication of tax receipt, in the event that the patient/individual accepts the services of the healer from a distance.

    3.  Collection of “cookies”

    “Cookies” are small text files which are transported from a website to the hard disk or the user’s browser for additional functionalism or for follow-up use of the website. The healer uses “cookies” with limited possibilities. “Cookies” or personal data used by the healer are not collected, neither stored with regard to the way that you may have used the website in the past. The healer processes the information received from “cookies’’ only for “blind” (not personalised) statistical analysis and in order to adapt and develop the way of communication with the public. You can regulate your browser, so that it accepts all cookies, rejects all cookies or to inform you when a cookie file is to be created. (Each browser is different, therefore you are supposed to visit the Help menu of your browser in order to learn how to change your preferences for cookies).

    Besides, the collaborators/suppliers of benefit of advertising services or analysis of online use of the website may probably collect data from the visitors of this or other websites because of these “cookies”, and -on behalf of the healer- conduct a report regarding to the website’s activity and probably provide further services are related in general to the website and the Internet. Also, they may possibly provide this information to other parties, if relative legal requirement exists, or if they engage other parts in order to process the information on their behalf.

    4. “Google Analytics”

    This website uses the service “Google Analytics”,  a service of analysis of data, offered by Google. “Google Analytics” uses “cookies”, that are stored in your computer and facilitate the analysis of the use of the website. The information be taken from cookies with regard to your use (included your IP address), is transported to the transporter of Google in the USA and stored there. Google will use these information in order to evaluate the use that you make of the web page, it draws up reports for its administrators with regard to these activities and it provides other services are related to the use the website and the internet.

    Google can, also, transmit these information to third parties, under the condition that it is forecasted by the law or if by any chance third parties process the data on behalf of her. Google will connect your address IP with no other datum that it possesses. You can deactivate Google Analytics, by selecting the suitable regulations in your browser, however, it is pointed out that in a such case you may not be in the position to use all the possibilities of the present website.

    With the use of this web page, you agree with the treatment of your personal data that is collected by Google, in the way described for the above aim. If you do not wish Google to receive information from your browser, when you visit the sites, you can be excluded from Google Analytics from here.

    5. Additional applications Social plugins

    In the website additional applications of “plugins” platforms of social networking like facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest are used. In the event you find yourselves in a page in the website, in which plugin has been incorporated, the browser will communicate with the transporter of the above platforms so that it downloads the plugin and show it. During this process, the platforms receive information of your visit in the website, for example the IP address. When the plugin is loaded, the platform incorporates the content it allocates, in the website of the healer. For this reason, we do not know which data can be collected from the platform using concrete plugins. The information concerning the particular subject subject to the policy of data protection of the platforms. If you are connected to the platform from your personal account the moment when you visit the website of the healer, the platform can connect your visit with your account in this. Moreover, if you develop activity with plugins, for example pressing the button “Like” or adding a comment via your Facebook account, the information that you provide this way are dispatched directly to the platform and they are stored there. If you do not have an account in the platform it is likely your IP address IP to be recognised and stored from the platform provided that you step on its plugins. You can learn more regarding how much and what kind of data each platform of social networking collects, how it processes them and what your rights are regarding the data that you provide and be informed for the regulations that you can modify in order to protect your privacy, returning to the policy of use of data of each platform.

    6. Links to third parties websites

    The website probably contains links that lead to other websites, which function and are maintained by third parties, without being checked by the healer. The policies, that these websites follow regarding the information that you provide, are covered by the present Policy of Protection. Any information you provide to other websites or websites suggested to you by the present website, will be conditioned by the terms of Political Protection of each third party website. When you click on one of these links, you enter different websites. The healer does not bring any legal responsibility for content, actions or policies of these third parties websites. It is important you read the policies of protection in every different website that you visit, while it can considerably differ from the policy of the present website.

    7. Suggestion of the website to third parties

    Any suggestion of visiting this website from the part of the users via social networks (Facebook etc), messages of each nature – included messages of electronic post (e- mail)- does not consist in any case reception and collection of personal data and/or information of the users, as well as from the third party to whom the suggestion was addressed to, from the part of the healer.

    8. Dispatch of data to third parties – Time of maintenance of personal data

    The data collected after consent from your part according to paragraph 2 of the present protection of personal data policy will not be transmitted to third parties, while they are maintained for as long as it is considered essential for the achievement of the aim for which they were collected in the first place or for the conformity with legal (publication tax receipts) or lawful requirements.

    9. Rights of the user of the website

    Regarding the protection of data of personal character that concerns you, you have the following rights:

    a) right of access, that is to say the right to inform oneself if personal data that concern you are under editing,

    b) right of correction, that is to say the right to require the correction of inaccurate data of personal character,

    g) right of deletion, that is to say the right to ask the personal data that concern you to be delated/erased,

    d) right of restriction of treatment when the precision of data is disputed, is outlaw or for other reasons,

    e) right of portability, that is to say the right to ask to receive the data that concern you in a readable structure as well as to be transmitted to another person in charge of your treatment and

    f) right of opposition in the processing of your personal data, unless imperative and legal reasons exist for the processing which predominate the interests, the rights and your freedoms.

    Finally, in the event existence of data, whose processing is based on the consent of user, the consent in question can be recalled at any time. In order for you to practise the right in question, as it is forecasted by the law, you submit a request to the electronic address, which will be answered within (2) days from its reception.

    10. Final remarks

    The present Policy can be modified at any time.

    In the event that you are not satisfied with the way your personal data are processed and how I serve your rights, you have the right to address charges or complaints to the relative responsible independent administrative beginning:  BEGINNING of PROTECTION of DATA of PERSONAL CHARACTER, Postal Address: Kifissias 1-3, P.C. 115 23, Athens, Telephone Centre: +30-210 6475600

    Fax: +30-2106475628, email:


    1. The present website was created to offer information and services to the users. Its use is conditioned by the present terms and conditions, which the users are called to read carefully and to comply with. Without exceptions, the staying of the user in the pages of the present website as well as the exploitation of any information provided from these pages, involve unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

    2. The present website is likely to contain hyperlinks or advertising banners to other web pages, the providers of which have also complete (urban and penal) responsibility for the safety, legitimacy and validity of content of the websites and their services, excluded each responsibility of the holder of the present website, for example indicative responsibility about rights, intellectual and industrial property or any third parties’ right. Consequently, the users are compelled to also comply with the terms of use of these third parties’ websites and to be addressed directly to them for anything resulting from their visit to them. 

    3. Except concrete this parties’ rights (intellectually and other), the whole content contained in the present network place (indicatively: signals, discreet traits, photographs, texts and all files in general), constitutes intellectual commercial and industrial property of the holder of the present website and is protected from the relative provisions in the Greek, Community and International right. This content can not constitute, whole or in part, object of trade, copy, modification, reproduction, broadcast, or cannot be transmitted or distributed in any way from any user, without the explicit consent of the owner of the present website.

    4.  The present Terms and Conditions of Use and their each modification are conditioned by the Greek Right and they can be modified whenever without any warning.

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