Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The website of Maria Liati www.livesinthemaking.com, was created in order to offer information and services to its users. The use of the website is governed by the following Terms and Conditions, which the users are called to read carefully and to comply with and it also involves their unconditional acceptance. The website, on any reason and without warning, can change these Terms and Conditions. The continuation of use of the website from the users after the date of reinforcement of any changes in the Terms and Conditions will be considered as acceptance. 


1.1. In no case does the website bring responsibility against anyone or for any direct, indirect, following, positive or negative damage of any type, also including the moral damage, related with or derived from this network place or from any use of this or from any other network place or other source to which exists interconnection, reference or possibility of access from the present network place, or from the use, loading (download) or possibility of access in any materials, information, products or services, included indicatively and no restrictively, loss of profits, loss of programs or other data, even in the case when the Institution has been informed explicitly for such possible damages. 

1.2. The website does not provide any guarantee, direct or indirect, that its content will always be up-to-date, safe, without faults, that it will correspond to the requirements of the users and that the results that will emanate from its use will be reliable, precise and without faults. 

1.3. Resulting from the continuous developments, the information of the website may not always be completely up-to-date and, for this reason, this information is provided in base “AS SUCH” and “AS IS SOLD”. The use of information that is taken or stored from or via the website lies exclusively in the crisis of the user and constitutes his/her responsibility. The user accepts that he/she should evaluate the content and that he is the one in charge for each danger caused by the use of any content. 

1.4 The content of the website does not provide advice nor constitutes base for any decision or action.


2.1. The intellectual rights of the content of website including, without any restrictions, all documents, files, texts, pictures, graphics, elements and code that is contained in this as well as the general picture of the website, constitute intellectual and industrial property unless stated differently and they are protected from the relative provisions of the Greek, Communal and/or International right. 

2.2. All the names of products reported in the website constitute commercial signals apart from the signals that are indicated as possessed by other companies. 

2.3. The website allows the users to copy and print out extracts or documents (except for content possessed by a third person and has been determined as such) for no commercial use from their part, since each copy or extract of these documents or pages acquired maintains the all intellectual rights or other statements of property and each renunciation included in them. All the logos and commercial signals of the website cannot be used or repeated without previous written consent.


All the information provided in the website by its users (including, but not exclusively, personal statements, know-hows, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, extracts or other similar elements) is not considered confidential. The website can reveal, copy and use all or any of this information for any cause without restriction. 


4.1. Some of the content of this website can be possessed from third parties (ex. articles, data or extracts) or there can be hypertext links leading to websites possessed by third parties, who have the complete responsibility (urban or penal) for the safety, legitimation or validity of content of their services, excluding any responsibility of www.livesinthemaking.com. 

4.2. The website cannot guarantee that the users have any right to use the content possessed by third parties and which are available in this website. The users should receive authorisation from the third party before the use or the storage of content in question. The content protected from intellectual rights cannot be changed, as it cannot be changed any notice of writer or notice of intellectual rights presented in this without first ensure the essential consents. 

4.3. The website provides links to third parties for facilitation of its users. The website has no control on the websites possessed by third parties or their content, the visit of which becomes via this website or is mentioned in it and, consequently, the website does not support, finance, advise or accept any responsibility for these web pages or their content. 


The use of software downloaded by this website rests exclusively to the users’ judgment and evaluation of any possible dangers. The user is expected to ensure that the Terms, Conditions and any notes of use of software downloaded from this website in his/hers personal computer are followed, as well as that the above-mentioned software is compatible with the personal computer and does not contain viruses. 


The website holds the right to change or withdraw any part or the entire website at any moment without previous notice. Any changes will be available from the next time the user visits the website. The users of this web page are not eligible for any compensation if they are unable to use the services offered.


The website is addressed to adults. The website does not assemble neither intends to assemble information from or with regard to children. 


Your status as user of this website is personal for your individual use and consequently it should not be shared with any other individual. If a username and an access code has been given to you, you agree that you will look after them with safety and keep them confidential and you agree (i) to inform the website as soon as you realise any not permitted use of your personal name or access code and (ii) you are the person in charge for any loss or damage that will result from this not permitted use or revelation. You are the person in charge for the benefit of all of the information required to access the website and for the all the relative debits of third parties (ex. phone debits and debits of Internet services). You agree to use this website only according to its Terms and Conditions. In the case of non compliant use of this website from your part which will result in damage of any kind to any individual who afterwards claims any type of compensation against the website, you agree to compensate the webpage for all losses and damage caused from such a claim. 

As user of this website you agree not to act, against the Terms and Conditions of this website, knowingly or unknowingly, against any legal or regulating requirements of any responsible authority that has jurisdiction on you or your activities.

As user of this website you agree not to use this website to conduct any personal efforts to access systems of websites or networks of third parties. 

You also agree not to use the website in order to conduct any kind of enterprising activity or other activities or contribute in activities prohibited from the law. 

You agree not to use the web page for the transmission of any material that is defamatory, offensive or of threatening nature or which offends the rights of third parties, or to cause perturbation, harassment, or unnecessary concern to any third party, or to dispatch messages which you know that are false or make use of website on such aims.

You agree to immediately inform  the website about any claim or action of any kind against you resulting from any use of the website and, after that, you are to  immediately interrupt the action for which you were accused, and

immediately inform the website with regard to any changes that influence the elements of your registration. It is your obligation to ensure that the elements of your registration are maintained informed. 


If any article of the above mentioned is considered as not applicable from your part, this will not influence the validity and the application of the remaining terms. These Terms represent the total agreement between every single user and the website and condition the access and the use from the side of the users. These Terms predominate any other written agreement between every single user and the website. These Terms are conditioned and interpreted according to the Greek Legislation and exclusively responsible for the resolution of any case referred to the Courts of Athens. 

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