Addicted to thought

Addicted to thought

Addiction is scientifically defines as the condition characterised by the imperative need to receive a substance constantly or periodically and is distinguished in psychological and physical addiction. 

An individual can be addicted to substances, alcohol, medicine, people like a friend, a companion, family and even situations like a relationship or even daily habits like smoking.

Besides these types of addiction we daily experience a deeper and excellently covered addiction – addiction to thought. You can try to stop thinking, just for a few moments, and then you will soon realise that we are inexplicably tied to constant thinking. A few seconds trial will lead you to thinking “I have to take the car to be serviced” or “On Saturday I will go to that place” or even “I am really hungry” and “I will shower when I get home”, until you realise that you are now far away from “the silenced mind” (Krishnamurti).

Why are we so heavily addicted to thinking? What will possibly happen if we stop thinking for a while? If we silence the need to constantly occupy our brain?

Then, we will stay with our self! And how has man been led to believe that a “beast” is hidden deep inside him and fears to death being left alone with it? Has the time come to start learning what self-love truly is and deconstruct the “beast”? Has the time come to realise that continuous non-stop thinking is a way the brain feels safe because this is how he has been taught up until now?

Our mind is so busy that we do not allow any free space in it. And as long as there is no free space, there will be confusion. In order for this space to be created the brain has to record only what is truly essential. In addition, a problem has to be saved upon appearance and not to be carried for days. Can you imagine how simpler and lighter our life could be then? How much deeper would we love ourselves?

And would we allow to meet the true inner self, our true inner nature and essence?LOVE!

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