Happiness is my choice

Happiness is my choice

“Good morning! How are you?”

“I’ve been better..”

Does this sound familiar?

There have definitely been moments for all of us when we felt a feeling of happiness flowing into our hearts while watching the beauty of nature or feeling the heat of the sun. Those very moments we allowed happiness inside us to be activated and experienced.

However, no one teaches us from a young age that the source of our happiness is us ourselves and our self-love. Not with a selfish perspective, of course, but through the deeper understanding that if we do not allow us to truly love ourselves we will never be able to receive love and happiness from any other outer source. 

Most people think of happiness as a distant destination, as a condition which will come only after a series of targets and dreams will be fulfilled, through hard work and effort. They believe that in the distant future, after each person’s desires are fulfilled, happiness will follow. Thankfully, this is not true at all!

The belief that happiness comes from outer factors, like work, personal relationships, finances, materials and looks, is completely false and consists nothing more than an illusion.

It is the feeling of inner happiness that caters success in whatever we pursue mentally, emotionally and practically. And where is happiness inside us? Does everyone have happiness hidden inside him? And if they did, wouldn’t they already know it?

By becoming obsessive with future targets, anxious and focused on our lack – or in other words – on what we do not have – we alleviate ourselves from the choice to be happy every single day. And, naturally a miserable and stressed person cannot attract anything different than more misery and stress. We attract what we are!

The pace of everyday life, the daily requirements, what is socially and collectively significant usually affect our thoughts and feelings, our priorities and consequently lead us to form a false identity. This way, we grow bigger distance between ourselves and true experience of happiness. We usually say “happiness lies in few moments”. Not if we choose otherwise! Not if we choose to be happy every moment!

Happiness involves the experience of positive emotions like joy, delight, optimism, lightness and presence in the moment. Moreover, it includes living a life we feel worthy. This way we cultivate a deeper enthusiasm for life and become more conscious about every choice, day by day.

Failure and misery are considered to be the biggest human fears. However, if you think about it you will find out that the real fear is our inability to be truly happy and free. Misery, anxiety and stress are familiar to us – they have become our comfort zone. This can change! We have the choice and power to change and transform it!

If we choose to focus on everything positive we experience here and now, on what truly makes us happy and on everything we are grateful for, we will attract more and more love, happiness and fulfilment. We just seem to have forgotten that we have a choice and most importantly, the power of choice! We have forgotten that we can always change consciousness!

There are many happy people out there. And that is because they have made the conscious choice to be happy every single day. 

I invite you to become one of them, to become master of yous happiness! I invite you to change consciousness! What do you say?

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